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The Lady Fett

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Over three years of content, top 0.5% of accounts, 1.6k photos, My messages there are always open for a chat. I'd love to get to know you!


The tamer version of the premium. Get a feel for my style, but I don't answer messages there. 

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About Me

About Me

Hello and welcome. I'm the Lady Fett and I've been causing Boba Fetishes since 2015. "The Lady Fett" was actually born from a character I invented as a kid after becoming particularly enamored with seeing Boba Fett on screen in Empire Strikes Back. Eventually I decided to create a costume, an Instagram, then stickers and pins. The rest is history.

People often assume the nerd thing is fake and a way to get attention online. I didn't get dragged through middle and high school to be called a fake nerd! I've been a cosplayer for over 20 years, have attended numerous conventions around the country (from anime to Star Wars Celebrations), I play video games, read comics, collect action figures. I currently own way too many light sabers and my Star Wars helmet collection keeps growing despite my efforts to keep the collection clutter down in my house. 


Eternally mysterious, slightly awkward, always genuine. 

  • My favorite Star Wars movie: Empire Strikes Back

  • Favorite Star Wars characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor

  • Least favorite: The Last Jedi

  • Favorite Star Wars shows: Mandalorian, Bad Batch, Andor, and Ahsoka

  • Other nerdy hobbies: video games, collecting action figures (love Sideshow and Japanese figures like Figma and SH Figuarts) 

  • Other hobbies: travel, reading, photography 

  • Favorite video game franchises: Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Fire Emblem, and Baldur's Gate

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